Club Minutes

Country Porcelain Artists Minutes

November 4, 2019 6:30PM


Demonstration- Lanka – Landscapes

Attendance Sheet Passed Around:

Minutes from Last meeting: Connie Lavelle; distributed and Pat Mattina motioned to accept and Marie Muller second.

Treasures Report: Shirley Smith; Beginning Balance   1119.69               Ending Balance: 1725.47

The financial report will be submitted subject to audit

Committee Chairs Reports:

Club Show– The show was a success. We had a few minor bumps but over all our guests were very happy.

I would like to go over a few high lights and some suggestions.

Times- 10:00am. This is a good start time. We had time to set up and a few guests started to come in.

Demo’s- 11:00, 11:30 am. Thank you Lanka, a few were very interested in what we do.

Centerpieces– Next year we must have one person in charge because we were short a few centerpieces.

Favors– We have a certain number of finished favors over half, so if we keep the same favors we only have to paint maybe 1 box each for next year. What do you think?

Pat Mattina makes a motion to use the left over favors and buy the rest to supplement next year, leaving only one box a piece to paint. Carol Stump seconds and all agreed.

Luncheon start– Over all I believe the food was very good, with the exception of the vegetables being hard. We also, had a mix up on the starting time but next year we will stick to a set time and procedure. We will be seated at 12:00, salad 12:15 pm. We had a problem by setting out the salad early, so people sat down and started to eat, cutting into our sales. We will clarify times for next year. We also have a choice of a coffee table set up or serving at the tables, what would you prefer? Also, table numbers will be set, this year Michael’s changed us from the back room to the front and did not have the set up we arranged. Next year we will be in the back because Michael’s wants a $600.00 deposit for the front rooms.

Flyer needs to say that the shopping is before lunch. They need softer vegetables. Make sure the contract uses the deposit towards the lunches next year. Carol Stump motions we pay the $600 to secure Michaels for next year. All were in favor.

Closing time- there was a problem with us breaking down, we packed up too soon and guests felt intimated about buying so they left and sales were down; we will clarify a break down time and procedure for next year.

Put it in the contract

Fashion show models- did a great job. Christopher & Banks corporate changed their policy and discount. How- ever, the sales people were very helpful and gave us as much as they could. We will also clarify the models lunch to be first only. With the podium set up we could not see or hear Carol, next year we will correct the placement.

Baskets- Carol Burch & Jill did a fantastic job. We are using the proceeds for our club. I would like to thank each and every member who brought the baskets. They make our show a SUCCESS. Even the waiters bought tickets.

Scholarship– We were down in sales. It was brought to my attention that we need to increase the number of tickets we sell to entice the public; a suggestion was going back to an arms length of tickets for each sale.

Share the wealth (50/50)- We were down in sales. We also need to increase the number of tickets we sell to entice the public; a suggestion was going back to an arms length of tickets for each sale. Should we keep the 3 way split or go back to 50/50?

Tabling these issues till next year and when more members are in attendance.

Publicity– We are trying to get a set date and we will keep it for next year. October 24, 2020 is 3 weeks after the NYS convention. As soon as it is confirmed we will set up a new pamphlet. It was also brought to my attention that we should have the pamphlet on line on our club web site. We could direct people to send in early for the luncheon. Connie and I will update the club web site to include our minutes each month, news about the convention and our luncheon.

Seminars: We had a great time with Sharon Karl. She was really excited about being included in our club.

Correspondence: Has anyone heard from anyone?


Sunshine: Doris-Is everyone all right? Barbara is sick send her get-well cards.

Old Business: We will turn our focus to the NYS convention. More information will be coming.

New Business: Any suggestions for next year please let me know.

Christmas Party Dec. 7 Water stone at 12.


Show and Tell: Pat Mattina

Shirley- flower plate that she started using a black and white picture (very impressive), Carol Stump-plate from seminar with Sharon, Pat- lustered pumpkin plate, Carol C.-Sharon’s peacock vase, Teri- cake server with flowers and pink stripes, Carol M.-Vicky George bird tile, Connie- enameled bottles

Thank You to Hostesses: Marie Muller, Teri Weston, and Shirley Smith


Motion to Adjourn: 1st _June Walter_ 2nd __Shirley Smith

Respectfully Submitted by, Connie Lavelle